Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Heroes of Newerth: Part Deux

Well I’ve sucessesfully raised my MMR after dropping over 100 points. Mainly due to playing with a friend who is legitimately good at the game. I’m now currently at 1673 my highest so far was 1697 I believe before I took my huge dive in stats.

I had a 60% win ratio which you can see has dropped significantly as well. My K:D Ratio was 1.5 and my K+A:D Ratio was 4.1. It’s slightly disheartening when you lose so many games because of bad teammates. Oh well what can you do other than keep grinding and hoping for the best. Also yes my name is Girlfriend!

I had a few good games today. I decided to use Sandwraith and my team actually let me farm in piece, with me “ulting“ in whenever I was needed. I tried Scout as well but failed hard. Due to the fact my laning partner was really bad and stole a majority of my creep kills from me. Just overall bad playing from everyone though, including myself.

I’d like to figure out ways to jungle with unorthodox heroes. I’ve been watching old Merlini videos of him jungling in DotA, he’s by far one of the most amazing players I’ve ever watched. He jungles so perfectly with Beastmaster. I’ve also been interested in trying to jungle with Armadon. It seems possible but really difficult to pull off. Creeps were a lot bulkier in DotA and in HoN they’re a lot smaller.

Here’s a really good video showcasing some of his jungling skills. I’ve still been trying to perfect the basics of pulling and the timings needed for killing certain camps so they can respawn at the next minute.

Anyway if I do manage to perfect jungling with Armadon I plan to make a video of it.

I’m not sure what else to say at the moment it’s almost 7 am and I still have not slept yet!


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Your name is a tad creepy.

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@Alpha it is xD

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Anonymous said...

Me and my Friends love this game

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Good Job!

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AP is for baby's, play AR

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Made my day that your name was Girlfriend!