Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Hate Computers

Haven't been playing much SC as of late. My power supply decided it was a good time to die out. So I had to wait to replace it, get it replaced now my graphics card refuses to work. I'm not sure if my bad PSU fried it somehow in the process or not. Unfortunately it didn't fit properly in my case so I had to Jerry-rig it in there. I think that's what the actual problem is and just putting in the new pins just jarred it loose, and I can't get it back in properly again.

I was using this...

Now I've had to downgrade to this.

It's still a decent card but not as good as my previous. Oh well I'm glad I kept my old card handy just in case something like this happened.

I'm not too sure how to test if the card if it's done, without having another mobo/Whole PC set up. So I'll have to just keep it in storage until now. Oh well what can you do?


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Puppies & Cake

You know whats better than Starcraft II?


No other puppies can compare either. I pretty much dislike all dogs other than German shepherds or white shepherd dogs.

Although not better than Starcraft II, cake is also good.

Especially chocolate cake.

In regards to Starcraft II I'm currently on an 11 game win streak for 1v1 ladder.

(I totally made this blog for you Chelsea.)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Thoughts On Ladder... (Frustations)

So after playing about 60 games in the past 2 weeks I must say ladder play is a lot different now. People seem to play a lot better than they used to. (Granted I am playing poorly, out of practice, and just generally being bad haha.) Specific build orders are now being used. Back when the game first launched people were just figuring their own things out, it was pretty fun.

Virtually every game against Protoss you're defending a 4 gate push. No matter what race you are. Or else they just sit in their base after taking their natural expansion, and just play defense until they get out a huge deathball of colossi. Protoss seems to be the most 1 dimensional of the 3 races now. It's all about defending until you reach the top of your tech tree. Then you move out and win. You think this would be easy to beat in that case but it just isn't. I have it happen to me all the time and I do it to other players all the time.

Terran is still pretty versatile, which I like playing against to be honest. You never know what to expect and they generally don't sit in their base and do virtually nothing all game until the very end. They have a lot of harassment options which is also nice. So overall I'd say they really feel the most balanced of the 3 races now. I still have a few gripes with them though.

Now with the "weak" race Zerg! I personally find Zerg extremely under powered. I even think I have proof to help back this claim up. Just look at how much Zerg is used compared to Terran and Protoss...

Zerg is just really lacking something. Forcefield is far too powerful against them for starters. Zerg lacks a good answer for the Protoss deathball. Colossi just completely decimate ground, so does storm. Mutas are only effective for a short time, and sometimes rendered completely useless if your opponent places static defense in good positions. I'm just having a really hard time finding a way to win with them. It would appear almost everyone does though.

I feel this game needs an overhaul still. There always seems to be some big balancing issues. Right now Zerg is just in desperate need of a helping hand. Then again I think they always did other than during beta. Protoss is just far too strong. Terran seems pretty balanced, other than the fact reapers now seem completely useless.

I'm also getting extremely tired of every Protoss player 4 gating every single game.