Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Star Battle

It's been a long time since I've written in this blog. Mainly because I lost interest in Starcraft II. I started playing again but I'm having a hard time finding motivation to play ladder. I reached my 1400 points quite easily and way ahead of schedule. However since the ladder has being going on for quite some time now my points are quite low compared to the rest. I'm currently around 1500'ish points and I'm in 27th in my division. I plan to play ladder again eventually so I'll post more updates when that happens. As for now though...

I've been playing a custom map called Star Battle, some of you may be familiar with it. It's quite simple it feels like a watered down version of DotA for Wc3. It's still fun to play though. You only get 1 life as well so it's unforgiving for people who are half-retarded.

It's based heavily on teamwork and map/spatial awareness. It's probably why I like it the most, but also hate it just as much. Public games are plagued with bad players and my friends are not on that much so I can get a team going. I still play it though and just hope for the best.

My favourite ship to use right now is the Raven. I think if used properly it's the most powerful ship in the game. It's not very noob friendly though and dies quite easily if you don't know what you're doing; Due to it having low health and average speed.

I typically like to open with 2 speed upgrades and 4 laser upgrades to start. 4 lasers allows you to 1 shot NPC ships so you can farm up a lot easier and make money. I then get more speed 2 more levels if possible, hunter seeker missile, and start buying energy upgrades. The no shield recharge time upgrade is helpful too so get that when you can. Hunter seeker missile is a very good ability. It's sort of sucks against void rays though since they can accelerate and turn so easily. I'd avoid getting the railgun on the raven. It takes too long to upgrade to do decent damage and the other abilities are much better to have.

Noobs are really annoying on this game. Not only because it's based on teamwork but because they have no map awareness and they never buy speed upgrades. With default speed levels your ship travels very slowly. It means you can't keep up with your team and if you get chased you can't run away. Meaning you die. I don't think noobs are aware you don't respawn either.

Anyway if anyone plays this feel free to leave me a message. I'm always looking for partners who are not completely horrible.