Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Starcraft II Ladder Reset Today!

I'm somewhat excited for this. My division was pretty inflated with high point users. There was just no way I was going to catch up. Now I got a fair shot again.

So far so good too, I've won my first 3 games. But required a break afterwards.

Grandmaster is also introduced now. I'm only in Diamond right now though. I highly doubt I could ever make it in the top 200. But I may damn well try.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bronze League Fun

Due to my raging boredom of Starcraft II again I've been messing around a lot. I decided to throw all my 2v2 solo placement matches as well as lose 10 consecutive games on purpose. Once I was done I decided to play semi-normally, or just do stupid shit.

Memorable games...

1. One game I decided to do nothing but fast expand and make all ghosts. These guys as well as my teammate were all just so horrible. I ended up getting 24 ghosts, and had 3-0 upgrades quite quickly. I cloaked and was able to stroll freely into the opponents bases because they lacked detection. I found one of them massing voidrays. It was funny as hell because I 1 shotted all of them with my ghost army. He didn't even run them away. They just all died. After wiping out all his pylons I moved onto the next noob and found he went zealots and stalkers. Once again lacked total detection. After about 1 minute of raping all their pylons and their armies they just left.

2. Another game I decided to do nothing except mass thors. I wasn't sure how this would work out since the other team was TP and my partner was Z. By time they attacked I already had 15+ thors out with 2-2 upgrades. To make matters worse once again the toss decided it was a good idea to mass voidrays. I literally took out his whole voidray fleet in about 1 second. The terran had tanks/marines/hellions which were all systematically wiped out by me and my partners mutalisk army...

3. A SERIOUS GAME! My partner dropped almost immediately at the start. I started controlling both of our bases. This time I was Z and he was P. Against a PP team. I figured this would be challenging since it was essentially 1v2 except I'd have more income. It actually wasn't that bad. I was able to form an army quite quickly. I went roaches/stalkers/sentries. I was pretty surprised at quickly I could raise an army. They attempted to cheese me with massive amounts of zealots and a couple stalkers. I easily beat it and countered with a winning push. Before they left the guys like "WOW YOUR MACRO MUST BE INSANE!!!". I laughed...

Well after only about 15 wins or so I got promoted to silver, and gold was even quicker. I've decided to just play normally and get my solo 2v2 up to diamond or master. Even gold players are still quite bad though and I can play extremely half-assed.

Anyway overall it was pretty funny I'd recommend people do this if they want to have some laughs and just generally play like crap. The games feel very relaxed. It must be what all casual gamers feel. Generally games I play are tense and rage inducing over a multitude of reasons.